Welcome to my little world of wonder….

If you are reading this, you are most probably considering a photo shoot for some or other reason.

So be warned.

I am not your usual photographer that want guides you and make you sit in certain poses.  I am a comfortable person, and I would love for my clients to be just as comfortable for your shoot.  A photo shoot should reflect you as a person and not my vision as a photographer.  Therefor its important to me, that I capture you, your family, your children, the love between you, and not uncomfortable posed photos.

I am not your conventional photographer.  I go into the ocean, I stand in the stream of water, or I clamber over the rocks to capture the moments that really matter.  The aim is to have fun, and really find that inner love.

That’s me, that’s who and what I am.

No pretenses, open honesty, unconditional love.

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