Ceres Portfolio Photographer

Kayla….  No words….

Ceres Photographer 6 Ceres Photographer 7 Ceres Photographer 8 Ceres Photographer 9 Ceres Photographer 10

Ceres Portfolio Photographer

Gorgeous Lillian

Ceres Photographer 12 Ceres Photographer 13 Ceres Photographer 14 Ceres Photographer 15Ceres Photographer 11

Ceres Portfolio Photographer

After almost two years, I am starting photography again. I cant believe how much I have missed it!

I had a quick session on Sunday with three gorgeous friends.

Gorgeous Cameron

Ceres Photographer 1 Ceres Photographer 2 Ceres Photographer 3 Ceres Photographer 4 Ceres Photographer 5

Family Photographer Ceres

Nathan1 laughter kinders 1 Kids IMG_4041 IMG_4033 IMG_4023 IMG_4001 IMG_3977 Duckface

Ceres Boudoir Photography

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Cape Town Wedding Photographer

It was such a pleasure to capture Corlia and Reinhard’s wedding at the magnificent Rondekuil Estate during March.  I have known Corlia for some time, and also had the pleasure to capture her sister’s wedding a few years back.

It was such a special day, shared with friends and family!

Cape Town Wedding Photographer-2

Cape Town Wedding Photographer-1

Cape Town Wedding Photographer-3Cape Town Wedding Photographer-4Cape Town Wedding Photographer-5Cape Town Wedding Photographer-6Cape Town Wedding Photographer-7Cape Town Wedding Photographer-8Cape Town Wedding Photographer-10Cape Town Wedding Photographer-9Cape Town Wedding Photographer-11
Cape Town Wedding Photographer-12Cape Town Wedding Photographer-13

Cape Town Wedding Photographer-14Cape Town Wedding Photographer-15Cape Town Wedding Photographer-16Cape Town Wedding Photographer-17Cape Town Wedding Photographer-18Cape Town Wedding Photographer-19Cape Town Wedding Photographer-20Cape Town Wedding Photographer-21Cape Town Wedding Photographer-22

It is at this point that I have to announce with a very sad heart, that I will not be doing any further weddings at this stage.  I just cant juggle everything, so therefor I have decided not to book any further weddings for this year.

Thank you for visiting my website


Ceres Engagement Photographer

I have known Corlia for sometime, and was really honoured when she asked me to be their wedding photographer.  I dont do weddings as a rule, only for friends and family.

I was delighted that she trusted me and driving 200km for their engagement shoot!  We all had such a good laugh, and so much fun!

Ceres Engagement Photographer-1 Ceres Engagement Photographer-15 Ceres Engagement Photographer-14 Ceres Engagement Photographer-13 Ceres Engagement Photographer-12 Ceres Engagement Photographer-11 Ceres Engagement Photographer-10 Ceres Engagement Photographer-9 Ceres Engagement Photographer-8 Ceres Engagement Photographer-7 Ceres Engagement Photographer-6 Ceres Engagement Photographer-5 Ceres Engagement Photographer-4 Ceres Engagement Photographer-3 Ceres Engagement Photographer-2

Ceres Family Photographer

The Miller Family visited Ceres on their tour of South Africa, and they popped in at Matroosberg for a Family Shoot.

Ceres Family Photographer-14 Ceres Family Photographer-13 Ceres Family Photographer-12 Ceres Family Photographer-11 Ceres Family Photographer-10 Ceres Family Photographer-9 Ceres Family Photographer-8 Ceres Family Photographer-7 Ceres Family Photographer-6 Ceres Family Photographer-5 Ceres Family Photographer-4 Ceres Family Photographer-3 Ceres Family Photographer-2 Ceres Family Photographer-1

Ceres Family Photographer

The Botha family visited Matroosberg on Friday for their family photo shoot.

We had loads of fun, and you wouldnt say that we had snow that same evening by judging from their clothes.

 Ceres Family Photographer-44 Ceres Family Photographer-43 Ceres Family Photographer-42 Ceres Family Photographer-41 Ceres Family Photographer-40 Ceres Family Photographer-39 Ceres Family Photographer-38 Ceres Family Photographer-37 Ceres Family Photographer-36 Ceres Family Photographer-35 Ceres Family Photographer-34 Ceres Family Photographer-33 Ceres Family Photographer-32 Ceres Family Photographer-31 Ceres Family Photographer-30 Ceres Family Photographer-29 Ceres Family Photographer-28 Ceres Family Photographer-27 Ceres Family Photographer-26 Ceres Family Photographer-25

Worcester Matric Photographer

Worcester Matric Photographer-12 Worcester Matric Photographer-11 Worcester Matric Photographer-10 Worcester Matric Photographer-9 Worcester Matric Photographer-8 Worcester Matric Photographer-7 Worcester Matric Photographer-6 Worcester Matric Photographer-5 Worcester Matric Photographer-4 Worcester Matric Photographer-3 Worcester Matric Photographer-2 Worcester Matric Photographer-1